Katherine Gregg Studios
There is precision combined with chance in my work. I enjoy bringing fractured content into resolution, an echo of pulling together pieces of life ito a whole. Within each piece disparate components build into an integrated atmosphere of color and detail.
The components vary. Handmade paper dyed with watercolor paint. Markings show a mix of iddle Eastern and Asian influences. Black and white potos reflect stilled playgrounds and remnants of recovery. Watercolor monoprints often are used as a visual ground.
Small and intimate, the pieces can be turned in your hand to see the flow in three dimensions. I start with color first to tie the elements together. Then flame to get the encaustic to move and fuse. The texture of the rough paper causes the smooth wax to offset. Often the precision of the edges creates a look of the whole. Layers convey the depth and draw you into stilled beauty that beckons.